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KT95 Khaosok Lake + Ruean Thai Nai Bang

BY Admin 8 December 2019
KT95 Cheow Larn Lake @KheereeThara Lake 
House + Ruean Thai Nai Bang 3days 2nights
(Joining boat at 11AM)

1st Day 
11:00AM: Confirming the trip with our staff at the pier then preparing to get on board and the boat will leave once everything is ready. 
11:40AM: Checking in at the KheereeThara floating house, orchid zone, then it’s lunch time (1st meal)
1:30PM: Starting the afternoon activity with sightseeing the beauty of Limestone Mountains of the lake on the way to Khao Sam Gloe (means ‘The Three Friends’ as there are three little limestones that are similar and stand alongside each other which are considered the highlight of the lake). 
*we also have a trekking trip to Pakarang Cave for you to choose after the afternoon sightseeing on the actual day depending on circumstance. This program is a join program starts with 7people minimum, and costs 500baht/person. Or you can do it as a private trip only for your group costing 2,500baht. If you do not want to go, we will stick to the usual program and take you back to the raft house to chill after the afternoon sightseeing*
**The trekking trip will start with a walk on the natural trail for 1.5km to cross Tale Nai 500 Rai with a bamboo raft to get to Pakarang cave. Visiting Pakarang cave will take approximately 20-30 mins to observe and absorb the beauty of stalactites and stalagmites inside the cave before returning to the boat on the same trail. 
*If you do not wish to go on the trekking trip, you can stay and chill at the raft house after the sightseeing instead.*
7:00PM: Dinner time (2nd meal)
2nd Day
6:30AM: It’s time for Morning Safari which is a morning boat tour. The boat will take you around little islands to see wild animals coming down for food in the morning, and also to watch some fog hanging around the mountains. No hiking shoes needed! You can go with flip flops or even barefoot as we are not going to get off from the boat.
8:00AM: Breakfast time (3rd meal)
9:00AM: Chilling time – swimming and kayaking as you please.
10:00AM: Arriving safe and sound at the pier and heading to Surat Thani town.
12:00PM: Lunch time at an attraction place (a set of local food or seafood) (4th meal)
1:00PM: Taking you to a village of Phumriang Silk and watching how to make it by villagers.
2:00PM: Taking you to Wat Phra Borommathat Chaiya which has been the dearest temple of Surat Thani people ever since.
3:30PM: Taking you to see beauty of serenity and try meditation at Suan Mok
4:30PM: Stopping by to buy some quality goods of Surat Thani as souvenir, such as Phumriang Silk, salted eggs from Chiya, or various type of sweet.
5:30PM: Stopping by to buy some stuff at SanChao market, along with making merit and wishing at a shrine of Guayin.
6:00PM: Checking in at Ruean Thai Nai Bang
7:00PM: Dinner time (5th meal)
8:00PM: Taking you on a boat to float along Roi Sai river to watch fireflies.
9:00PM: Back at the resort – bedtime.

3rd Day
7:00AM: Breakfast time (6th meal)
9:00AM: Checking out from the lake house 
*PS. There will be a car accommodated you the whole trip. We suggest you take an early flight so that you will arrive to Surat Thani before 10:00AM
***Schedule is subject to change 
as appropriate***